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Metals Economics Group - Social Media

At MEG, marketing supported the generation of sales revenues through promotional strategies, developing and monitoring MEG's branding/positioning strategy; targeting potential clients (leads), developing and implementing media relations, monitoring and tracking key competitor activities, and conducting market research to more fully understand market needs and how clients use our services.
This sample is an exerpt from a social media project in the UC Berkely Marketing Certificate program.

Nova Scotia Business Registry (NSBR)

The launch event served to fully announce the implementation of the NSBR web-site emphasizing the ongoing partnership between Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations, the Worker's Compensation Board, and the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. The NSBR was implemented in stages, including broad consultation with an External Stakeholder community. Objectives of the post-launch communications plan were to continue to inform key stakeholders about the NSBR, its goals and objectives and its implications for the future and to position Nova Scotia as a leader in e-government services.

Centre for Arts and Technology

This private technical arts school's marketing and communication activities focused principally on building and maintaining a robust inquiry and prospect funnel, and creating a niche leadership position in the market.